We are created from the desire to bring a wave of light and intention in your daily life. Blending healing, art, mystery, magic.We want you to be in touch with your soul and have a fulfilled life. We find excitement in making beautiful, magical and transcendental experiences so you can feel a whole vibrational moment, bringing visions to life. It goes beyond the physical, the shapes: we aim to help you get your power back and manifest your dreams. No face, no fame, no superficial sparkle to derail your focus; here, it’s all about the healing, the elements, the magic, the art, the place, the moment in time, the sun, the stars, the singular lighting, the distinctive perfume of nature that all come together to draw you into a very unique atmosphere. Get your power back by joining us exploring cultures and rituals that share the common thread of humanity. We carefully conceptualize and create experiences so they can transmit this state of mind helping you nurture and water your manifestations, as you watch your dreams grow into something real and arrive.