A powerful ritual to connect you to the heart and higher self and to increase connection with your partner. Cacao is a powerful antioxidant that will help to up your mood and give you feeling love and tenderness.
This ceremony is very powerful in energy cleaning and closing old circles and let go of what no longer needed. The treatment balances the body so you are ready to open new pathways in communion with the Sacred Cacao medicine. This beautiful ceremony that activates the heart center and grounds you in the vibration of love with the loved one.
It is very important to define an intention to work during the Ceremony, Cacao will help to communicate more easily with emotions and feelings since it will increase the connection between heart and mind.
During the ceremony, you will enjoy a delicious organic cacao drink, a plant that is said to open your heart and increase your vibrational energy. This allows for great healing, both physically spiritually.
For group 50usd per person
Please contact WhatsApp +52 984 249 5983 for details about group session.
Private 300usd (5max)To Book and for more information contact:
 Each session is individual, by appointment.  The healer prepares for the ceremony personally with you.  In case of cancellation, the entire amount of the reservation will be charged.  Forbidden to drink alcohol, psychotropic substances, heavy food.


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