Awake your spirit and explore individual sacred journey between the jungle and the ocean inside of Mother Earth womb with Ancient  traditional TEMAZCAL
The journey begins with Sacral Healing Temazcal (private ceremony).It’s a very ancient ritual that we did for sanity, to be healthy, to be balanced, to stay calm in our minds.
 It helps to push out toxins, getting rid of them can help to improve your overall well-being.
Then the guest will continue the relaxation with Moisturizing body scrub and oil, which will melt your body in a combination with soft exfoliation and aromatherapy. Then treatment will be followed will rich moisturizing aloe vera body mask which has a lot of benefits for the skin.
 Following a full body relaxing massage will end this journey the pure relaxation of body and mind.
Ritual included:
Private temazcal ceremony
Full body scrub
Aloe Vera body mask
Relaxing massage
Products to use:
Aroma oil for massage
Aloe Vera body mask
Mayan sweat lodge known as a Temazcal translated as a “house of heat,” the ancient ceremony led by a shaman used to purify the body and mind.
During 6 hour
Price for 2 person — 750 usd


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