The master specially creates the sound, coordinated with the chakras in the human body.  Chakra in Sanskrit means whirlpool or energy funnel.  According to Buddhist knowledge, chakras are energy centers and form not only our etheric body, but are also reflected directly in the physical body as endocrine glands and are located exactly on the arterial meridians passing through the whole body.
 Gradually, under the influence of life-giving sound fluctuations, the energy again begins to freely circulate in the chakras and channels, previously blocked areas “remember” their own healthy sound, and self-healing mechanisms are launched in the body.  In a healthy body, sound vibrations pass freely through all energy centers and channels, leaving through the fingertips and hair.  In the presence of energy blockages, the subtle vibrations of the singing bowls, stimulating the blocked areas with healing frequencies, seem to awaken them, forcing them to move in time with them.  And movement, as you know, is life.


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